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6F Ayala Museum
Makati Ave. cor. De la Rosa St.
Makati City
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Library Hours
Tuesday to Saturday: 9 AM - 6 PM
(except holidays)

Tel. No. - (632) 759-8281
Fax (632) 759-8287
E-mail us at:


Filipinas Heritage Library and the Ayala Museum are part of the Arts and Culture Division of Ayala Foundation, Inc.

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How to Have a Blast at the Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL)

FHL welcomes students and researchers to a bright, comfortable space for thinking, writing, and for doing scholarly work. To maintain a quiet environment that is conducive to creativity and learning, visitors are strongly encouraged to:

Show up: In the Lobby

  • Present themselves at the Tours Counter and “adopt” a Library ID for the day in exchange for their personal IDs.
  • Wear the Library ID like Frodo did the Ring: around their necks, all the time while in the premises.
  • Return the Library ID to the Tours Counter before leaving the building, or else be poorer by P300.
  • Help FHL cover the cost of its bright lights in the big city by paying the Research Fee at the Tours Counter: P50 for Students and P100 for Adults. A receipt will be issued to them after they return the Library ID to the Tours Counter.
  • Remember that only walk-in visitors are asked to pay the Research Fee, so it’s best to just become a member of FHL and Ayala Museum for access that’s free!
  • Approach the Tours Associates for any research questions at the lobby, so that they can be directed to the OPAC at the ground floor OR be referred by phone to the librarians at the sixth floor.
  • Be guaranteed of the staff’s complete attention by setting an appointment before showing up, especially if they’ll be coming with any number of friends, family, or lovers.

Travel light: At the Baggage Counter

  • Free their minds by freeing their bodies, which means leaving their baggage at the Tours Counter, especially if these:
    • are larger than 10” x 7”;
    • contain food and/or drinks and containers (yes, that includes bottled water);
    • contain hand-held scanners or copying devices; and
    • contain scissors or other cutting tools.
  • Strut the practical yet stylish bags that FHL will provide for wallets and purses, mobile phones, laptops sans their cases, and personal books and study materials.
  • Submit their belongings for inspection upon exit from the library, especially items that activate the security alarm.


Get to higher ground: In the Elevator

  • Hum “Manila” or any OPM piece while going up to FHL through the elevator from the ground floor to the fourth floor.
  • Proudly show their Library ID to the Guard on duty at the fourth floor, who will escort them to the elevator leading to the sixth floor.
  • Inform the librarians if they wish to leave the library, otherwise they can’t leave and will be stuck in what Jorge Luis Borges considers paradise.

Take off: In the Library

  • Inscribe (yes, inscribe) their names in the logbook at the librarian’s counter upon entering the sixth floor.
  • Keep down their voices, and the sounds from their gadgets. As a French poet wrote, “Silence, the worthiest homage!”
  • Protect their bodies from the conditioned temperature with sensible shoes and clothing because it can get really chilly in the library.
  • Keep an eye on their stuff.  The library staff loves their visitors, but they are not their brothers’/sisters’ stuff’s keepers.
  • Take advantage of the library printers, scanners, and photocopying machines, as the materials are for room use only.
  • Ask the librarians to assist them in their research, but especially if they wish to copy images or pages from the library materials.
  • Think of their health and the health of others, and refrain from smoking.
  • Appreciate library materials as valuable cultural artifacts. Mutilation, vandalism, and theft may lead to penalty and replacement cost charges, detention, and (worse!) suspension of library privileges.
  • Keep these guidelines in mind, because violation of any of these could prohibit wayward researchers from entering the premises and having a blast.