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Home NEWS Filipiniana Never Say ‘Never Judge a Book by Its Cover’

Never Say ‘Never Judge a Book by Its Cover’

Get the Cover Story in FHL’s Latest Printed Word Lecture 
Never Say ‘Never Judge a Book by Its Cover’ is the bold statement proposed by the latest lecture in The Printed Word series, presented by Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL) and Prof. May Jurilla, PhD. The lecture, which will be held on 14 March 2015, Saturday, at the 2/F of the Ayala Museum, will tackle the brief history and function of book covers, from the medieval period to contemporary times. 
An accompanying exhibit curated by Dr. Jurilla will run at the 2/F of the Ayala Museum until 21 March. Included on display is an edition of Flora de Filipinas, a full-colored illustrated study on Philippine flora by Augustinian priest and botanist Manuel Blanco, as well as other iconic books from FHL’s Rare Books Collection, Roderick Hall Collection, and Pedro Ortiz Armengol Collection, that help trace the history of cover production in the Philippines.
Jurilla holds a PhD on Philippine book history from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, giving her the distinction of being the first Filipino book historian in the country. She is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. Her previous Printed Word lectures are Revelations of the Book, on the history and the social context of printing in the Philippines, and Romancing the Book, on book production and proper care. 
Tickets are P300 for adults and P150 for students, teachers, librarians, senior citizens, Ayala Group of Companies employees and members of FHL and Ayala Museum. Lecture fees include admission to the museum exhibitions. For more information, please email or call (02) 759-8288 loc. 45 or 36.
Titles on exhibit:
1. Vocabulario de la lengua tagala, by Juan de Noceda and Pedro de Sanlucar.  Manila, 1860.  3rd edition. Vellum binding, 19th century.
2. Aventuras de Filipinas: Album Humoristico, by G. Tobler Hijo.  [St. Gallen, Switzerland], 1874.  Original binding. 
3. Flora de Filipinas, by Manuel Blanco. [Supplementary volume 2, 1880.]  Manila, 1877–1880.   Gran edición.  10 volumes.  Original binding.
4. Collecion de documentos inéditos de indias, compiled by Joaquin F. Pacheco, Francisco de Cardenas, and Luis Torres de Mendoza.  Madrid, 1864–1884.  42 volumes.  
Volumes 25–26.  Library binding, 20th century.
Volumes 31–33.  Custom binding, 19th century.
5. The Story of the Philippines, by Murat Halstead.  Chicago, 1898.  Original binding.
Bullets and Bolos: Fifteen Years in the Philippine Islands, by John R. White.  New York, 1928.  Original binding.
6. Censo de las islas filipinas levantado por orden de la legistura filipinas en 1918.  Manila, 1921.  4 volumes.
Tomo IV.  Original binding.
Tomo IV.  Rebound, custom binding.
7. The Fateful Years: Japan’s Adventure in the Philippines, 1941–1945, by Teodoro A. Agoncillo.  2 volumes.  Quezon City, 1965.  Original binding, with dust jackets.  Cover design by Malang. (Pictured)
Japanese translation of volume 1.  Unmei no saigetsu dai ichi maki: Firipin ni okeru nihon no bouken 1941–1945.  Translated by Ken Nigura. Japan, 1991.
8. The Battle for Manila: The Most Devastating Untold Story of World War II, by Richard Connaughton, John Pimlott, and Duncan Anderson.
US edition.  California, 1995.  Original binding, with dust jacket.
First paperback edition.  London, 1997.  Original binding.
Special Asian edition.  Makati, [c.2002].  Original binding.
9. Arte y reglas de la lengua tagala, by Fray Francisco de San José.  Estudio y edición de Antonio Quilis.  Madrid, 1997.  With a facsimile of the original edition printed by Tomas Pinpin in Bataan in 1610.  Original box and binding. 
10. English translations of Jose Rizal’s novels
The Social Cancer.  Translated by Charles E. Derbyshire.  Manila, 1950.  7th printing.  Original binding.
The Reign of Greed.  Translated by Charles E. Derbyshire.  Manila, 1974.  2nd edition, 16th printing.  Original binding.
Noli me tangere.  Translated by León Ma. Guerrero.  London, 1961.  First edition.  Original binding.
El filibusterismo (Subversion).   Translated by León Ma. Guerrero.  London, 1986.  Paperback edition.  Original binding.