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Metropolitan Theatre

Title Details
  • Metropolitan Theatre
  • circa 1940
  • Theaters
  • Arroceros, Ermita, Manila
Material Type
  • VM
  • Visual material
Online Sources
  • Filipinas Heritage Library
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  • Reproduction: Photograph
  • Arroceros, Ermita, Manila
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Barcode AR00686
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  • Classification number - AR00686
Title Statement
  • Title - Metropolitan Theatre
General Note
  • General note - The idea to construct a theater for the ManileƱos came in 1924, when the Philippine Legislature approved a project to build a people's theater in the Mehan Gardens. Six years later, its cornerstone was laid and the Metropolitan Theatre was inaugurated on December 10, 1931. It was designed by Filipino architect Juan Arellano using a modern expressionistic style, where the theater's facade is a great rectangular window of transluscent glass, highlighted on either side by tapestries of colored tiles. Inside, two mural paintings, "The Dance" and "The Spirit of Music" by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, were displayed. (Source: Landmarks of Manila: 1571-1930, Visitacion de la Torre, 1981) YYY
Ownership And Custodial History
  • History - Filipinas Heritage Library
Subject Chronological Term
  • Chronological term - circa 1940
Subject Topical Term
  • Topical term or geographic name as entry element - Theaters
Subject Geographic Name
  • Geographic name - Arroceros, Ermita, Manila