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Pedro Bukaneg

Title Details
  • Pedro Bukaneg
  • 1953
  • Men and women in literature
  • 15512
  • 1624
  • bukanegan
  • debates in verse
  • father of iloko literature
  • ilocano
  • ilocanos 1953
  • ilocos
  • laurel wreath
  • lexicographers
  • musicians
  • orators
  • pedrito reyes
  • pictorial history of the philippines
  • preachers
  • writers
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  • VM
  • Visual material
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  • With prints
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  • Reproduction: Pencil Sketch
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  • Classification number - PP00179
Title Statement
  • Title - Pedro Bukaneg
General Note
  • General note - Bukaneg--an orator, musician, preacher, and lexicographer--is considered the father of Iloko literature. (1552-1624). He was believed to have been found as a newborn baby wrapped in a basket, floating down the Bantay river. The maiden who found him gave him later to Father Geronimo Cavero who taught him religion. He was a great help in converting many Ilocanos to Christianity. His knowledge of Ilocano, Tinguian, and Tagalog languages made him a valuable helper in spreading Christianity, thus winning for himself the admiration of King Philip of Spain and the Pope of Rome. A blind poet, he preached in the streets. Honored as the "Father of Iloko Literature," Ilocano debates in verse were named after him: Bukanegan. Photo reproduction of a sketch made of the Iloko poet to whom the writing of 16th century epic "Biag ni Lam-ang" has been attributed.
Additional Physical Form Available Note
  • Additional physical form available note - With prints
Local Note (rlin)
  • Local note - Pedro Bukaneg 1552-1624Caption Note)
Subject Chronological Term
  • Chronological term - 1953
Subject Topical Term
  • Topical term or geographic name as entry element - Men and women in literature
Subject Faceted Topical Term
  • Focus term - 15512
  • Focus term - 1624
  • Focus term - bukanegan
  • Focus term - debates in verse
  • Focus term - father of iloko literature
  • Focus term - ilocano
  • Focus term - ilocanos 1953
  • Focus term - ilocos
  • Focus term - laurel wreath
  • Focus term - lexicographers
  • Focus term - musicians
  • Focus term - orators
  • Focus term - pedrito reyes
  • Focus term - pictorial history of the philippines
  • Focus term - preachers
  • Focus term - writers