Filipino leadership series. No. 1-5

Publisher: Mamamathala,

Title Details
  • Filipino leadership series. No. 1-5
  • Manila : Mamamathala,1995.
  • Leadership.
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  • BK
  • Book
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Title Statement
  • Title - Filipino leadership series. No. 1-5
Publication, Distribution, Etc. (imprint)
  • Place of publication, distribution, etc - Manila :
  • Name of publisher, distributor, etc - Mamamathala,
  • Date of publication, distribution, etc - 1995.
General Note
  • General note - Contents: No. 1 Forever genesis / by Demetrio P. Salipsip, Jr. No. 2 Leadership and pagkakaisa : towards an understanding of the Taos concept of development / by Teresita B. Obusan. No. 3 Leadership among popular religious groups / by Leonardo N. Mercado
Subject Topical Term
  • Topical term or geographic name as entry element - Leadership.
Personal Name
  • Personal name - Salipsig, Demetrio P. Forever genesis. Obusan, Teresita B. Leadership and pagkakaisa. Ramirez, Mina M. Baranganic leadership. Beringuela, Adela C. Leadership processes in two sucessful Filipino NGOs. Mercado, Leonardo N. Leadership among popular reli