July 1, 2020
Guadalupe Ruins (CH08325) This photo shows the Guadalupe Church ruins in 1941, during the start of World War II in the Philippines. Learn More Related Links: Alejandro Arce: "Manila Cathedral," 1955Rodolfo Y. Ragodon: Pitogo Catholic Church, Quezon. 1972 Back to Educational Resources Read More
Indigenous Group – Intangible Culture
Hanunoo script (PE00255) The Hanunoo-Mangyan etch their script on bamboo tubes. The inscriptions here are a translation of a Biblical verse. Bamboo tubes are also the medium for the ambahan, a poetic literary form of seven-syllable lines used to convey messages through metaphors and images.... Read More
June 25, 2020
Sagada priest (PE01598) Eugenio Eugenio Bayang, 81, is a local priest of dap-ay Bilig in Demang Village, Sagada. He performs rituals in the community. The dap-ay is the Sagada counterpart of the ato. Learn More Back to Educational Resources Read More