July 1, 2020
Pedro Bukaneg (PP00179) Bukaneg--an orator, musician, preacher, and lexicographer--is considered the father of Iloko literature (1552-1624). His knowledge of Ilocano, Tinguian, and Tagalog languages made him a valuable helper in spreading Christianity, thus winning for himself the admiration of King Philip of Spain and the... Read More
Philippine Art
Metropolitan Theatre (AR00686) The Metropolitan Theatre was inaugurated on December 10, 1931. It was designed by Filipino architect Juan Arellano using a modern expressionistic style, where the theater's facade is a great rectangular window of translucent glass, highlighted on either side by tapestries of colored... Read More
June 25, 2020
Sagada priest (PE01598) Eugenio Eugenio Bayang, 81, is a local priest of dap-ay Bilig in Demang Village, Sagada. He performs rituals in the community. The dap-ay is the Sagada counterpart of the ato. Learn More Back to Educational Resources Read More