July 1, 2020
Asian Culture
Chinese-English-Tagalog-Spanish business conversation and social contact with Amoy pronunciation Manila : Poc Bon Book Co., 1941 Read Online Back to Educational Resources Read More
Asian Civilizations
South and Eastern Asia from the earliest times to the present day... 1926 Read Online Back to Educational Resources Read More
Filipino Identity in the Arts
Dauis Convent ceiling (CH00161) Learn More Back to Educational Resources Read More
Ang mga paring pilipino sa kasaysayan ng inang bayan (1929) Learn More Read Online Back to Educational Resources Read More
Philippine Art
Metropolitan Theatre (AR00686) The Metropolitan Theatre was inaugurated on December 10, 1931. It was designed by Filipino architect Juan Arellano using a modern expressionistic style, where the theater's facade is a great rectangular window of translucent glass, highlighted on either side by tapestries of colored... Read More
Indigenous Group – Intangible Culture
Hanunoo script (PE00255) The Hanunoo-Mangyan etch their script on bamboo tubes. The inscriptions here are a translation of a Biblical verse. Bamboo tubes are also the medium for the ambahan, a poetic literary form of seven-syllable lines used to convey messages through metaphors and images.... Read More
June 25, 2020
Spanish Colonial Period – Material Culture
Sketches of Manila (GE00467) This is a photo reproduction of sketches done by Charles D. Lary on board the H.M.S. Centurion on 6 February 1899: 1) American troops drilling on street leading to Santa Ana Church; 2) American sentinels guarding a bridge; 3) a Spanish... Read More