We are open to volunteers/interns who are students of Library & Information Science, History, Humanities, and related programs.

Volunteers/interns will have the opportunity to perform the following library tasks:
• Cataloging & Classification
• Digitization
• Paper Conservation
• Reference/Research assistance
• Graphic design
• Exhibition/Events assistance

For interested students, please send us the following requirements*:

• Application letter with the following information: number of hours to be rendered, preferred schedule (any time within Monday – Saturday, 8AM – 6PM), inclusive dates, degree/course and university
• Endorsement letter from your professor/university
• CV

*By sending us the above requirements, you are giving Ayala Foundation the permission to use it for legitimate, volunteer/internship program-related purposes only.

To inquire and/or submit applications, please email asklibrarian@filipinaslibrary.org.ph