Philippine Air Force March

Composed by Col. Lauro Ll. Abaño, the Philippine Air Force March was first performed in May 1953, in the presence of top-ranking officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). So pleased were the officials that they immediately ordered all major military service branches to have their own martial hymns.

Before the first public performance of the Philippine Air Force March, however, the PAF band’s repertoire was limited to playing foreign military music. Abaño, who was in charge of the PAF band, envisioned the band to play music composed by and for Filipinos. According to Abaño, locally composed military music was a good way to celebrate the country’s sovereignty and cultural heritage, and inspire national pride in the military.

With the help of Col. Antonino Buenaventura of the AFP Band, Abaño completed the PAF March, which was later renamed the PAF Song. Abaño also wrote the lyrics (below).

As we fly over land and sea
Guardians of our country
With hearts and souls that never die
But live to fly ever so high
Up in the sky you’ll always hear
The men who brave the air
Philippine Air Force we’ll always be
In victory


Philippine Air Force Historical Group (1970). Guardian of Philippine Skies. Pasay City: Philippine Air Force.


Philippine Air Force Song music score
Source: The Philippine Air Force Story (Philippine Air Force, 1992)

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