Muni-Muni Stories Ep. 11: Heber Bartolome

A Podcast on Filipino Music

Episode 11: Heber Bartolome | Tayo’y mga Pinoy

What are the roots of Philippine folk rock? OPM icon Heber Bartolome unearths them in classical and bandurria music as well as in the 1960s-70s rock scene. And he recalls the challenges of turning love of country into music. An example is this episode’s centerpiece Tayo’y Mga Pinoy, a song that wards off Philippine self-images in colonial mirrors. Bartolome also dwells on AlumusalNena, and other tunes portraying the lives of ordinary folk or (as Filipinos say) of Juan de la Cruz.


What’s in store for Episode 11?

Listen to the full episode:

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