Muni-Muni Stories Ep. 12: Recap Finale

A Podcast on Filipino Music

Episode 12: Season 1 Recap Finale

with Moy Ortiz & Krina Cayabyab

In a pandemic, what does it mean to archive our musical heritage? This recap episode of Muni-Muni Stories answers that question by contemplating the nature of the OPM Archive: a living, advocacy-driven, and crowd-sourced repository that links creators and lovers of Philippine music. By recording and analyzing the songs and their stories, this living archive enacts the aural evolution of Filipino culture. Moy Ortiz and Krina Cayabyab track that evolution as they recall past episodes’ highlights. On the way, they discover new directions in the making and reception of music, reaching past the times of crisis.


What’s in store for Episode 12?


Listen to the full episode:

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