Share Your Stories to the Philippine Covid Archive

The spread of COVID-19 worldwide shocked humanity to its core. This pushes us to make slow and cautious shifts from what was perceived to be normal to new ways of doing in the future.  As we transition into uncertainty, memorializing through documentation is imperative to help us remember not to forget who we are.   

The Filipinas Heritage Library is collating snapshots of our quarantined lives during this pandemic: the way we cope, live, fight, protect, and help ourselves, our communities, and our countrymen in facing this crisis.    

Help us collect tangible evidence of the experience and memory of the Filipino that will later provide a different perspective to any research that will come out of this pandemic era for the generations to come. 

Items accepted for the archive:

  • photos
  • videos
  • audio
  • written documents
  • website links about the Philippine pandemic experience 

The contributions that we will receive will become part of FHL’s collection and will be made accessible to researchers of Philippine history and culture. To learn more about FHL, visit:

Selected contributions will also be posted on our Instagram page, and can become a part of A Journal of the Plague Year: an Archive of CoVid19, a global pandemic archive and a collaboration of international curators.

To learn more about this project or submit contributions, please click the button below:

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